The Glass Furnace in Turkey

Grant and I spent two weeks at the Glass Furnace in Turkey! Grant taught an advanced sculpting class and I assisted him, while furthering our exploration of combining torchworking with furnace work. It was incredible - truly - if you are a glass artists and have not been to the Glass Furnace, you absolutely must get yourself there.

Truth be told, we were hesitant because of the shaky political situation in Turkey, but we ultimately decided we would not miss this opportunity. In fact, while we were there, there was an attempted military coup, but honestly we felt quite safe while at the school. We absolutely loved our trip, and would return in a heartbeat - in fact - we are scheduled to teach again in the summer of 2017!

I took some 360 photos while I was there:
The main building
The dorm courtyard
The hotshop
The sweet dorm