Teaching at the Glass Furnace 2017

I am teaching a lampworking course at the Glass Furnace in Turkey August 8 - 19, 2017. Join me and we will explore both soft glass and boro, and we'll collaborate with Grant Garmezy's students who will be working in the hotshop! I visited the Glass Furnace last year while Grant was teaching. If you want more information about what it's like there, check out my blog post here. The Glass Furnace is beautiful - come have some fun with us!    

Course description:

Learn how to create botanical works on the torch using both borosilicate and soft glass. This class will explore the differences between the two types of glass, including the benefits and limitations of using each on the torch. Students will learn basic techniques for constructing leaves, flowers, vines, and other flora. Assembly techniques including bridging and networking will be covered. Through collaboration with Grant Garmezy's sculpture class in the hotshop, students will learn how lampworked components can be brought into the hotshop and assembled onto furnace-blown pieces. Open to all levels.

More information and registration

Check out my 360 photos if you want to take a digital trip to get a sense of the place:
The main building
The dorm courtyard
The hotshop
The sweet dorm